This post type module is built to house all your accommodation posts, making them easily linked to other related post types

There are a number of custom fields available that allow you to add various kinds of information about the accommodation you are featuring

Add an Accommodation #

  • Navigate to your WordPress Dashboard
  • Hover over the “Tour Operator” custom menu item
  • Select the “Add accommodation” option from the sub-menu
  • View the options below to inserting your desired content into the editing page
  • When complete, select the “Preview” option to view your post
  • Publish your accommodation post when you are happy with your content

Product Data #

General #

Title – Add the title of the accommodation

Description area – This is where the body of your content goes.

Excerpt – Add in a short summary for your accommodation post. This will display when the accommodation is viewed in thumbnail form

LSX Tour Operators #

Featured – Select the checkbox to add the post to your list of featured posts.

Disable Single – Disable the ability for a user to view this post, it will only be displayed in the archive and widgets.

Tagline – Assign a short, descriptive tagline to display below the accommodation title.

Price – Assign the price of the accommodation.

Price Type – Choose between per person, per person sharing, per person per night and per person sharing per night.

Included – Use the “Included” text editor field to state the features or facilities the accommodation has included in the offer.

Excluded – Use the “Excluded” text editor field to state the features or facilities the accommodation has not included in the offer.

Fast Facts #

Rating Type – Select a rating standard from the two standards:

  • Hotelstars Union

Rating – Select the accommodation rating from the options provided

Number of Rooms – Enter the number of rooms the accommodation has in its facility

Check-in Time – The general check-in time for this accommodation

Check-out Time – The general check-out time for this accommodation

Minimum Child Age – The minimum age requirement for children’s permittance into the accommodation

Spoken Languages – The languages spoken by members of staff working for the accommodation

Friendly – Select options from the drop-down regarding facilities and allowances permitted by the accommodation (pet-friendly, wheelchair friendly etc)

Special Interests – Select options from the drop-down regarding special activities the accommodation has at its disposal (adventure, birding etc)

Gallery – Upload a gallery to be featured in your accommodation post. (See Supported Plugins docs for information on supported gallery plugins)

Units #

Type – Select the type of unit from the dropdown list. The following Unit types are available:

  • Chalet
  • Room
  • Spa
  • Tent
  • Villa

Title – Select the title of the unit featured by the accommodation

Description – Give a brief description of the unit.  The description is coded with a Read More tag which will display additional content when you click “Read More”.

Price – Enter the price of the unit (do not enter the currency symbol, as this is configured to auto display. See Setup and Configuration Docs for more information)

Gallery – Select an image to display. Select the image from your gallery or upload it from your computer

Linkable Content #

Each accommodations page has fields which link the accommodation to various other pages on the Website. This allows users easy access to other content on the site that relates to the accommodation. These linkable fields include –

  • Posts ( Posts associated with the accommodation)
  • Destinations (Destination which the accommodation resides in)
  • Tours (Tours which include the accommodation in its itinerary)

Other fields will be accessible for custom post type extensions such as the Tour Operator Reviewsextension

Taxonomy Setup #

Before publishing your accommodation, be sure to make use of the internal linking system by selecting the options that are relevant to the accommodation from the custom taxonomies you previously created content for. See our Custom Taxonomies Documentation for more on populating your taxonomies

On the right of the editing section, starting next to the Title of the accommodation, there are various custom field areas. Each field area allows you to select options from the custom taxonomies provided. Selecting an option will link the accommodation with others linked under the same option

Custom accommodation taxonomies –

  • Travel Styles – Select the travel style options this accommodation is viewed as.
  • Brands – Select the brand that owns this accommodation.
  • Facilities – Select the accommodations available facilities.
  • Accommodation Type – Select the type of accommodation it would be classified as.
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Updated on 17 May 2024