Post Term badges overlay on Blog Featured Images

LSX Design theme caters for many different design and layout scenarios.

With the use of Block Styles you can customise your designs, with carefully throughout process it is possible to easily add Category & Tag Badges to overlay on top of Featured images.

Step-by-Step Guide #

Step 1: Configure Post Template Block #

  1. Navigate to Blog Archive or Post Template Query Loop
    • Open your Blog Archive or Post Template where you want to apply the changes.
  2. Select the Post Template Block
    • Click on the Post Template block within the Query loop.

Step 2: Apply Block Style #

  1. Select Block Style
    • Choose the “Badges on Images” style for the Post Template block.

Step 3: Add Term Block #

  1. Add Term Block Below Featured Image
    • Directly beneath the Featured Image block, add the Term block.
    • Note: Do not place the Term block within a row to avoid positioning issues.

Step 4: Configure Term Block #

  1. Select Term Block Style
    • Change the Term block to use either Categories or Tags.
    • Select the “Badge on Images” style for the Term block.


  • Once these steps are completed, badges will display on top of images within the Archive or Template Post Query.

Important Note

  • Ensure the Term block is placed directly beneath the Featured Image block for proper functionality due to the use of relative and absolute positioning in CSS.

By following these steps, you will effectively display badges on images within your LSX Design WordPress theme.

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Updated on 5 June 2024