This post type module is built to house all your tour posts, making them easily linked to other related post types

There are a number of TO custom fields available that allow you to add various kinds of information about the tour you are featuring

Adding a Tour #

  • Navigate to your WordPress Dashboard
  • Hover over the “Tour Operator” custom menu item
  • Select the “Add Tour” option from the sub-menu
  • View the options below to inserting your desired content into the editing page
  • When complete, select the “Preview” option to view your post
  • Publish your tour post when you are happy with your content

Product Data #

General #

Title – Add in the title of the tour

Description area – This is where the body of your content goes.

Excerpt – Add in a short summary for your tour post. This will display when the tour is viewed in thumbnail form

LSX Tour Operators #

Featured – Select the checkbox to add the post to your list of featured posts.

Disable Single – Disable the ability for a user to view this post, it will only be displayed in the archive and widgets.

Tagline – Assign a short, descriptive tagline to display below the tour title.

Duration – Specify the duration of the tour (in days)

Departs From – Select the destination where the tour begins ( Choose from a drop-down list of previously added destinations).

Ends In – Select the destination where the tour ends  ( Choose from a drop-down list of previously added destinations).

Best months to visit – Include a list of the best months to go on the tour.

Highlights – Include a list of the highlights of the tour.

Price – Here you can include the price of the tour.

Single Supplement – Here you can include the price for lone travelers if required.

Included  – This field allows you to detail everything included in the tour

Not Included – This field allows you to detail everything not included in the tour

Booking Validity (start) – Select the date from which users will be able to book for this tour

Booking Validity (end) – Select the date at which bookings will no longer be accepted for this tour

Expire this tour automatically – Check this box if you would like this tour to expire as it becomes invalid (dependant on the end date set in the tours booking validity)

Gallery – Upload a gallery to be featured on your accommodation post. (See Plugins Support for information on supported gallery plugins)

Itinerary KML File – Upload a KML format of your tour itinerary for your users if desired

Itinerary #

Here you can include a day-to-day itinerary of the tour. A field for each day is created by selecting the “Add New Day(s)” icon.

Eg – If you were adding a tour that is two days long, you would press the “add new group” icon twice in order to create a field for each of the days, or add one field as a group of days if you are staying in one area for a long period.

Each field allows you to include the following information:

A Title – Set the title of this field of the itinerary ( eg – Day One, Day One – Day Five)

A Tagline – A brief summary of the itinerary field (eg – The destination visited during this day)

Description – Some general information about the day(s)

Featured Image – Select a featured image to be displayed in thumbnail view when viewing this segment of the itinerary

Accommodations related with this Itinerary – Select the accommodation the clients will stay at on the day from a drop-down list of previously uploaded accommodations

Destinations related with this Itinerary- Select the Destination that the client will be located in during the day from a drop-down list of previously uploaded destinations

Sharing #

Show Sharing Buttons – Select the checkbox to make the social sharing icons visible on the tour post

Linkable Content #

Each accommodations page has fields which link the accommodation to various other pages on the Website. This allows users easy access to other content on the site that relates to the accommodation. These linkable fields include –

  • Posts ( Posts associated with the tour)
  • Destinations (Destination visited in the tour)
  • Accommodation (Accommodations visited in the tour)

Taxonomy Setup #

Before publishing your tour , be sure to make use of the internal linking system by selecting the options that are relevant to the tour from the custom “Travel Style” taxonomy you previously created content for. See our Custom Taxonomies Documentation for more on populating your taxonomies

  • Select the checkboxes most relevant to the tour, or select “+Add New Travel Style” to create a new category
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Updated on 17 May 2024