Wetu Importer

Wetu Importer #

When used in conjunction with the LSX Theme and Tour Operators plugin, the Wetu Importer helps to quickly import your Accommodation, Destinations and Tour listings from the Wetu content database.

Configuring the API key #

To set up the plugin, you’ll need to navigate to Tour Operator > Importer >  Settings.  Enter the API key, username and password for your Wetu account.  The API key needs to be requested from Wetu directly, please contact them to obtain a key.

Importer Settings #

Before starting with your imports, be sure to configure your Importer settings

  • Navigate to your WordPress Dashboard
  • Hover over the “Tour Operator” dashboard item
  • Select the ”Settings” option
  • Once on the settings page, navigate to the “Importer” tab
  • Here you have two sections, “General” and “Image settings”

 General #

Disable Tour Descriptions – If you are going to manage your tour descriptions on this site and not on WETU then enable this setting.

Disable Accommodation Descriptions –  If you are going to edit the accommodation descriptions imported then enable this setting.

Disable Accommodation Excerpts – If you are going to edit the accommodation excerpts then enable this setting.

Disable Destinations Descriptions –  If you are going to edit the destination descriptions on this site then enable this setting.

Image Settings #

Replace Images  – Do you want your images to be replaced on each import.

Limit the number of images imported to the gallery  – Limit the number of images the importer will download from the galleries included with your import

Enable Image Scaling  – Select this to enable image scaling

Scaling – Choose the image scaling option from the drop-down

Importing Content #

What to Import: Tour Itinerary

Import the listings you’d like featured on your website by navigating to Tour Operator > Importer in the WordPress backend.

  • Start by clicking on Tours and then typing in the names of Tour listings in the search field.
  • Click on Bulk Search to search for more than one Tour.  Enter each Tour on a separate line when doing a bulk search.
  • Select the Tour you’d like to import from the search results, and then click on Add to List.

Important note: Select Sample or Personal itineraries in your search depending on where your itineraries have been loaded in your Wetu account.

Important note: The date column displays the last time the “suppliers” made changes to their content on Wetu.

A list of options of what data to import from Wetu then appears below the search results. Select the data you’d like to import, as well as the Team Member you’d like to assign to this Tour/s.

You can also import featured and banner images at this stage if these are assigned to the tour in Wetu.

When you have chosen what date to import click Sync.

This process is repeated for Accommodation and Destination imports.  The options for which data to import will differ for each post type, see options below:

What to Import: Accommodation

What to Import: Destinations

Once the Tour, Accommodation, or Destination listing has been imported and the loading animation has stopped, you can navigate to the post type in the back end, where you can further edit the listing and revise it as necessary.

Please read through our documentation on manually loading and editing Tour Operator post types:

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Updated on 17 May 2024