Frequently Asked Questions

LSX Design Theme

  • What is the WordPress Site Editor?

    The WordPress Site Editor, often referred to as simply “Site Editor,” is a powerful tool within the WordPress platform that allows users to visually create and customize the layout and design of their website. This feature provides a user-friendly interface where you can drag and drop elements, change styling, adjust layouts, and more, all in real-time without the need to write any code. The WordPress Site Editor is an excellent tool for users who prefer a more visual approach to building and designing their websites.

  • What is a WordPress Classic Theme?

    A WordPress classic theme is a traditional theme that relies on PHP templates and the older, non-block-based WordPress editor (also known as the Classic Editor). These themes have been the standard for many years and provide a more structured and less flexible approach to theme development compared to block themes.

    Key features of a classic theme include:

    • Template Files: Utilizes PHP files to define various parts of the site, such as header.php, footer.php, page.php, and single.php.
    • Widget Areas: Defined areas in the theme where users can add widgets, such as sidebars or footers.
    • Theme Options: Typically provides a customizer interface or a theme options page for settings and customization.
    • Custom Page Templates: Allows the creation of custom templates for specific pages, offering different layouts or functionality.

    Both block themes and classic themes serve different needs and preferences, with block themes offering more flexibility and modern editing capabilities, while classic themes provide a more familiar and stable development environment.

  • What is a WordPress Block Theme?

    A WordPress block theme is a type of theme designed to work with the WordPress block editor (Gutenberg). These themes leverage the full site editing capabilities of WordPress, allowing users to create and customize their site using blocks.

    Key features of a block theme include:

    • Block-based Structure: Content and site layout are created using blocks, providing a more modular and flexible design approach.
    • Full Site Editing: Users can edit not just the content within posts and pages, but also headers, footers, sidebars, and other template parts directly from the WordPress editor.
    • Global Styles: Customizable design options that apply site-wide, allowing for consistent typography, colors, and spacing.
    • Template Editing: Users can create and modify templates and template parts, such as headers and footers, using the block editor.

Tour Operator Plugin

  • How does the Tour Operator plugin organise my tour operator website content?

    The LSX Tour Operator plugin provides the additional functionality required for a Tour Operator’s website. The addition of post types such as “Tours” and “Accommodations” allow content to be organised.

  • Is connected content easily accessible to the user? Info on an accommodation visited in a tour?

    Each post type allows you to upload specific content that relates to the other post types. When a prospective client is viewing a destination they wish to travel to, they will also be able to view relevant tour packages and accommodations related to the destination being viewed. The same applies to the viewing of any post under any post type. If viewing a tour, the user will be able to view the accommodations and destinations associated with the tour.