How-To Block

Why do I need to use the How-to content block?

Getting your content ready for those how-to rich results is as easy as adding the free Yoast SEO How-to structured data content block, filling in the steps and hitting publish! Yoast SEO automatically adds all the Schema structured data needed to tell Google all about the inner workings of your how-to article.

  1. How-tos are popular and have a rich result on mobile

    There is a boatload of sites on the internet publishing how-to guides, but the how-to rich result has only recently appeared. Few sites have incorporated how-to structured data yet. Make sure to use the free Yoast SEO How-to Schema content block to get your how-to ready for Google.

  2. Structure information for humans and machines

    Both humans and machines love block-based content — it’s nicely contained and easy to digest. Working with the new block editor in WordPress lets you quickly build up a beautiful page that’s both helpful for the users as well as the search engine.

  3. A How-to article is easy to make

    One of the most important reasons for using the How-to block is that it makes it so much easier to make a good how-to article. Simply add the block, fill in the steps, provide clear images and publish! Yoast SEO automatically adds the code necessary for Google to understand that your how-to is really a how-to.

  4. Ties into the graph of your site

    One of the most impressive features in Yoast SEO is its elaborate schema implementation. Schema structured data helps search engines make sense of your content. It can help them understand that this web page contains questions and answers about a product, made by a specific brand. Search engines no longer have to figure everything out themselves, by just reading content and following links. Yoast SEO is the first plugin that fully ties all aspects of the site into one big graph. A graph describes how your site is connected to your pages, organization, authors et cetera.